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  1. Membership and Fees
  2. Horse Health Declaration
  3. Insurance Information
  4. PACQ Handbook
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Constitution & By-laws
  8. Volunteers
  9. Sponsorship


As at March 2022

These by laws will apply in conjunction with the NPC constitution and the PCAQ by laws.


Any member being accepted in to this club shall at all times come under the instruction and disciplines of the Instructor/s or Official/s of this pony club at pony club rallies or fixtures or while using the Nerang Pony Club grounds or facilities or at any PCAQ event.

  1. Definition of a Full Riding Member: A Life Member, Senior Member, Associate member or a Junior member that has met all financial requirements of membership and insurance that intends to mount and ride at any Pony Club event.
  2. Definition of a Social Riding Member: A Life Member, Senior Member, Associate member or a Junior member that has met all financial requirements of membership and insurance that does not ride at any Pony Club event.
  3. Definition of a Social Non-Riding Member: A Life Member, Senior Member, Associate member or a Junior member that has met all financial requirements of membership and insurance who does not ride.
  4. Membership Fees: Fees are set at the annual general meeting. Currently they are as follows;
  5. Full Riding Membership $110 for each individual plus, PCQ affiliation & insurance fee $149.00 for each individual. Totalling $259.00
  6. Social Non-Riding Member $20 for each individual plus, PCQ affiliation & insurance fee $39 for each individual. Totalling $59 (Insurance is to cover parents and volunteers while on the grounds at pony club events).
  7. Family membership where there are more than 2 riding members in the same familyeach additional rider will only pay PCQ affiliation & insurance fee $100. Where there is more than 1 social member in the same family each additional social member will only pay PCQ affiliation & insurance fee $39.
  8. PCQ affiliation & Insurance monies are to be paid to PCQ

Please note: Standard Eftpos card processing fees are also added to all membership transactions.

  • Maintenance Levy
  • Currently the levy is a maximum of $210 per family ($70 for each project/maintenance day). It will be paid upfront as a bond at the commencement of the year of membership. Members that have not satisfied the requirements outlined and detailed on the NPC web site will have their bond retained by the club at the end of the year. Members that have fulfilled maintenance will either be able to hold bond for the following year membership or have bond returned.
  •  Members are required to maintain a ‘Record’ with photo graphic evidence and post within our Facebook Maintenance Group Chat of their attendance and work completed.
  • Maintenance Levy monies will be used by the club as deemed appropriate at Club Committee meetings.
  • Riders must be financial members before they can represent the club. All fees are payable by the first Rally day.
  • Membership will not be renewed nor will any member be released to another Pony Club if that member has an outstanding debt with the club. This applies also to any unpaid participation levy imposed for not completing the required amount of voluntary work for the club.
  • Members can only belong to one pony club. Members wishing to transfer to another club must obtain a clearance from the club.
  • All riding members under the age of 18years of age must have a parent/guardian      nominate as a member also and commit to staying on the Club grounds at all times while their child is riding/participating at the Club events including Rally days, or while using the grounds and facilities.
  • A parent or guardian may be responsible for one additional junior member. I.e. they can be responsible for a maximum of two junior members.


  1. Current Working with Children Blue Cards are required by all instructors and committee members as per pony club QLD policy.


  1. Any management committee member missing three consecutive meetings without leave shall automatically forfeit their position.
  2. The management committee shall be made up of the following:
    President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Instructor, Canteen Convener and Maintenance Officer.


  1. General meetings will be held monthly from February to November at 7:00 pm on every third Tuesday in the month. Committee may change date at their discretion giving 7 days notice of any change of date.  If a quorum is not achieved at this general meeting then it will be immediately adjourned and a committee meeting will be convened.
  2. Extra committee meetings may be convened with 7 days’ notice.


  1. The club colours will be white long sleeved shirt, club tartan tie, fawn jodhpurs, brown or black boots with matching gaiters optional and ASA 3838 or better helmet and club saddle cloth must be used. For pony club rallies, a black and red club polo shirt may be worn. Black V-neck vests are optional.
  2. Juniors competing in graded competitions in Dressage, Combined Training, ODE or Show Jumping (if they have a performance card) may wear long boots or leather gaiters matching their short boots.
  3. Pony Club uniform must be worn when representing the club at fixtures or other events. The club saddle cloth must be used when representing the club at fixtures or other events.
  4. An approved helmet and riding boots must be worn at all times when mounted on the pony club grounds. Closed footwear must be worn when handling horses on the grounds.


  • Any member wishing to take part in club events at competitions must nominate through method stated on Event program. It may be through an online system such as pony club omni sports or or through our club nomination secretary. If through club nomination send nomination form to the nomination secretary at least 3 days prior to closing date of nominations. Fees are to be paid to the NPC bank account as cleared funds at least 3 days before the closing date of nominations with name and correct details – membership number, age, group, helper and grading card no. Persons must be financial members of the club at least one month and attend 3 rallies in the last 12 months whilst being a financial member of Nerang Pony Club before competing in pony club events, provided that the Committee may at any time prior to an event refuse such nomination or entry without assigning any reason for such. Financial members of the club are covered by insurance as stated in the current PCQ Insurance policy.
  •  Grading/performance card for horse/rider combinations are required by all riders and age groups to compete in official classes at official events. Dressage, Combined Training, Show Jumping and horse Trials. Card applications can be done online through members portal or manual application form to be sent to the club secretary and not directly to PCQ.  Forms are available on the PCAQ website. Unofficial riders do not require a card to compete in unofficial classes.

Please read the rules for each discipline located on website under disciplines regarding grading of horse and rider as it has changed from the old point system to qualifiers.  What class you choose to compete in may impact your State Nomination. Horse Trials have different regulations and height restrictions compared to other disciplines.  Everyone needs to be aware of the Rules prior to competition.


  • The highest accredited instructor will normally be the Chief Instructor unless they are unable, unwilling or unsuitable to undertake this role in which case the club instructors will elect the Chief Instructor from the instructor panel.
  • The club Chief Instructor reports to zone Chief Instructor and to the Nerang Pony Club Management Committee. The Club’s Chief Instructor will have complete control of rallies, with the power to ask for assistance.  Each rally day will have one controller who will be the Chief Instructor or a delegate.
  • With the help and assistance of all club instructors and parents, children shall be prepared for their proficiency certificates.
  • All instruction will be carried out as laid down by the PCQ.


  • If a dog is taken onto the ground, it MUST be kept away from the instruction / competitive area and the canteen, and it MUST be kept under control and on a leash AT ALL TIMES.


  • No stallion, colt, entire or rig is eligible to take part in any event, competition, rally or otherwise at any function conducted by the club.


  • A horse may be either owner ridden, leased to or owned by a financial member and regularly ridden at pony club.


  • Trophy recipients will be decided annually by the trophies committee.  This will be comprised of the President, the Instructor Panel, Treasurer and any other person nominated and agreed on by the management committee.
  • Perpetual trophies cannot be retained by their recipients permanently.  They must be returned to the clubhouse in time for the next round of trophies each year and will be retained by the club if not awarded in any year.


  • A separate bank account is held by the NPC which is for accruing money for the exclusive purpose of major repairs and maintenance or replacement of aged assets in the future. This sinking fund money is not for general expenditure. It is a responsible method of having current membership contribute towards the wear and tear of the clubs capital assets. A good example would be saving for the purchase of a new mowing tractor. The sinking fund is expected to accrue a substantial amount of money and should be responsibly invested and available at reasonably short notice. The fund must be paid into from the clubs general revenue and any other source as the management committee see fit. A minimum of $1500 per annum is currently considered acceptable however substantially larger sums would be more desirable. A percentage of gross annual income should be considered by future committees.


Current riding members of NPC are permitted to ride on our grounds outside of events & rallies and must adhere to the following:

  • Safety rules are to be followed – riders must wear an approved helmet and boots.  Back protectors are recommended but not compulsory for any use of the Cross-Country course.
  • The grounds may be closed – this will be advised on website and Facebook.  It may be because of safety issues, or the grounds may be hired out to other entity or to protect the grounds from damage.  The grounds may also be closed during project/ maintenance days at the discretion of the organising committee.
  • If riders wish to drive a vehicle onto the property or use the main, small or sand arena they will need to purchase a key – $50 – fully refundable on return of the key.  Keys must be returned if the rider is no longer a member of NPC.  The front gate is to be left locked at all times outside of events and rallies.  The lock should always be left attached to the chain and pin to prevent theft or vandalism.  Arenas must be re-locked before the member leaves.
  • Membership expires Dec 31st each year and does not recommence until member fees have been paid and accepted online.  New members must join/register online giving enough time for committee to accept membership by 31st December if the new member wishes to ride from 1st January.
  • Members follow the directions of any committee member on the grounds.
  • Riders are not covered by the limits within the PCAQ insurance policy.
  • Riders who wish to use cross country jumps must comply with one of the following. Hold a current NCAS level 1 or Pony Club Level C Instructors certificate. Or, the rider is being instructed by a NCAS level 1 or being supervised by a Pony Club level C Instructor at the time. The Instructor must be within sight of the rider at all times.
  • Riders who wish to use cross country jumps outside of a Pony club event must comply with the following. Hold a current NCAS level 1 accreditation or higher and have at least the minimum requirement of an adult unmounted on the ground within the sight of the rider at all times. Or have a current NCAS level 1 accreditation Instructor or higher with them where the instructor or another adult is unmounted on the ground within sight of the rider at all times.     
  • Riders who wish to use show jumping equipment must have at least the minimum requirement of an adult unmounted supervisor on the ground and must be within sight of the rider at all times. (ruling modified 24/8/2018)
  • NCAS level 1 or higher Instructors are permitted within boundaries of the current PCQ Insurance policy to Instruct financial Pony Club members outside Pony Club events. These instructors are able to receive income for their instruction.
  • Non Members riding on grounds outside of events and rallies
  • This is permitted under very limited circumstances:
  • Visitor requests and receives permission from a committee member in advance and pays a $20 fee towards club maintenance, and
  • Visitor is a current member of another PCAQ pony club or holds EA insurance, and
  • Visitor agrees to abide by all safety rules (see clause 31 numbers 1-6 above where relevant)
  • Instruction on NPC grounds outside of NPC events & rallies
  • Paid/Unpaid Instruction – NPC Instructor
  • This must be run as a clinic and open to all members and run under PCAQ rules.  Horse health declarations, sign-on, responsible adults, regulation gear, first aid certificated person present and all safety rules must be followed.  It must be approved by the committee in advance.
  • Paid/Unpaid Instruction – Outside Instructor
  • Only instructors with their own insurance may teach on NPC grounds after they have applied for and been granted permission from the committee to teach on the grounds. All outside instructors must provide the committee with a copy of their (current) insurance before teaching on NPC grounds regardless of whether the lesson is paid or not. The outside instructor must offer the lessons as a ‘clinic’ to all Nerang Pony Club financial members.  The committee has the power to determine minimum and maximum numbers in the clinic. The committee will decide if an outside rider fee is to be charged for non Nerang Pony Club members on a case by case basis. A fee of $10 per hour or part there of will be charged if arena lighting is required. Riders receiving lessons must be current PCAQ members or EA members.  All persons who are mounted during a lesson must wear regulation helmets and boots 


Nerang Pony Club would like to invite you to join our fast-growing, family orientated Pony club.

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